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Quality Air Conditioning Services in Firestone

Installing or repairing an air conditioner or cooler is easy with our expert air conditioning services in Firestone, CO. At Carbon Valley Heating & Air, our professional air conditioning contractors can provide you with all of the information you need to select the best air conditioning system for your home. We can install an ac unit that is designed for your needs, with maximum efficiency, and at a price that you can afford.

New technology has allowed the production of air conditioning systems that use little electricity compared to the older models. By installing in a new, higher efficiency system, you can start saving money on your electric bills each month.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners firestone coCarbon Valley Heating & Air is highly trained and equipped to provide professional design, installation, and repair of your air conditioner in the Firestone area. From new air conditioner installation and AC repairs to other cooling services, call the experts at our air conditioning company to get fast, professional service that you can depend on.

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Air Handlers

Air Handlers firestone coAir handlers, or air handling units (AHU), are used to regulate and circulate air as a part of a heating and air conditioning system. Every HVAC system uses an air handler to distribute heated or cool air, so it’s very important that your air handler is kept in great condition. At Carbon Valley Heating & Air, our professional Firestone air conditioning contractors can provide any number of services for air handlers to ensure that they’re always as reliable and efficient as possible.

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Chillers firestone coChillers works to cool the surrounding air and are refrigeration devices that are commonly used for larger scale commercial purposes. Because air chiller units are considered more energy efficient than traditional freon-powered refrigeration devices, they are a popular choice for many businesses. Our team services all types of residential and commercial chillers in Firestone.

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Evaporative/Swamp Coolers

Evaporative/Swamp Coolers firestone coEvaporated cooling systems are also referred to as swamp coolers. An evaporative cooler is a cooling machine that creates a much more efficient cooling system for your home or business. At Carbon Valley Heating & Air we can provide you with both installation and repairs for these type of cooling systems.

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Cooler Repair & Installation

air conditioning firestone coAir conditioning repair and installation is an essential part of home comfort. We can provide timely and courteous complete repair service for coolers, swamp coolers, oil coolers, charge air coolers, and other cooling units. We can also provide new installation of your cooling system. Call our air conditioning repair specialists in Firestone today for more information on cooler repairs.

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps firestone coHeat pumps are an all-in-one system which is used for both heating and cooling within the home. In the summer, this system works like an air conditioner by drawing the warmer air from inside your home and releasing it outside. During the colder months, the heat pump will act as a heating system and pull the heat from the outside to warm the inside of your home.

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Mini-split Systems

mini split ac firestone coFrom air conditioner repairs to installing new mini-split air conditioning units, you can rely on our Firestone air conditioning company for top quality results. When it comes to mini-split air conditioning units, you’ll enjoy low sound levels and localized cooling and heating without disrupting your peace and quiet.

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Roof Top Units

air conditioning services firestone coSome homes and businesses in Colorado have roof top air conditioning and heating units that provide heating and cooling to the interior of the building. They can count on the professional Firestone air conditioning services team at Carbon Valley Heating & Air for rooftop AC unit service.

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AC Tune-Up

It’s noon on a beautiful July day and you’re expecting guests. Outside the heat is scorching, above record temperature, but you’re relaxing indoors at 72 degrees. A steady hum reassuringly buzzes from your ducts, blowing refreshingly cool air into the room. You hear a loud clanking, and then the hum stops. Uh oh. In just moments, the room begins to warm. It’s official; the AC has gone out.

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If you would like an estimate for air conditioning services in Firestone or the surrounding areas, please call 303-833-4466 or complete our online request form.

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